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Young People, Individuals and Couples Counselling

Oft times in our lives we face difficult situations, we become down and sad or perhaps depressed, maybe overwhelmed and frustrated with events that have occurred or are occurring, situations, relationships, work, etc.

In fact - all manner of things can cause us grief. We may find that we get angry and frustrated very quickly and say things we don’t mean. We may feel so overcome with loss that it seems pointless to go on. We may feel so anxious that we can hardly breathe, such panic that we can hardly move. We may just feel hopeless and helpless and completely vulnerable.

Sometimes the pain and difficulty that goes with these events can be such that seeing a way through them seems too difficult - even impossible.

It’s useful at such times to consider talking things through with someone who has experience in helping people work through such problems- getting help to see and think of these events, thoughts and feelings in a different way – a way that brings hope and makes change feel possible. A lot of people feel scared about this, daunted at the thought that they may need professional help. Think of it as life skilling – really that’s what it is – giving us new skills to deal with the rigours of life – skills we don’t learn in school but are just as valuable and important.

We all have strengths and skills that may escape us in times of difficulty but with the right assistance, those strengths and those skills can be developed and, coupled with new understanding,  we CAN bring about the positive change we seek in our lives.



"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself"

- Rumi.

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